SAP Hosting Services

A huge number of enterprises are on SAP landscape today, and they are constantly looking for better and secure ways to manage their systems. Also, with the rapidly changing business needs, it has become an imperative to have options to scale up or down based on demand. Therefore, organizations today have strong driving factors in moving to the Cloud, which offers security, elasticity, improved performance, and all that at predictable costs. However, as most of the SAP applications are mission- critical for the businesses, the Cloud migrations have to be well planned and executed, so that there is near zero downtime, with no undesirable outcomes.

If you are looking to migrate SAP systems to the Cloud with no disruptions to your business, a trusted and experienced SAP hosting services partner is all you need.

Companies around the world are evaluating cloud-based SAP hosting and migrating their business-critical applications to the cloud. The cloud plays a big role as organizations switch to the new generation of SAP S/4HANA software.
Where are you in your cloud journey? Incusol can help you migrate and manage your environment in a public, private or hybrid cloud. We are a SAP Managed Cloud provider who intimately understands SAP’s core offering.

Create Your Optimal Cloud Strategy

Discover the optimal cloud strategy for your SAP and non-SAP applications. From public or private cloud, to a hybrid cloud solution, Incusol can help you find the right strategy for your business. Moving to an SAP Managed Cloud solution takes you out of the hosting and maintenance business, freeing your resources for high-impact initiatives. Say goodbye to hardware upgrades. Scale up or down quickly and efficiently. Stay current on patches and updates. And put an end to the operational silos.

The Advantages of SAP in the Cloud

  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • High Availability & Guaranteed uptime
  • Business Continuity with Zero Disruptions
  • Application & Database Security Audits
  • Expert Support