SAP Automation

SAP automation refers to the robotization of manual, repetitive business processes, specifically within the SAP ecosystem of products.

Every business has simple and complex processes, one-off and repetitive tasks. In today’s mechanized business, SAP (and its broad ecosystem of products) is the difference between them.

Overall, SAP is used for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), with the purpose of streamlining and systemizing business processes and workflow. These processes can be within any area of the business – inventory management, finance, HR, procurement, and sales are just a few.

SAP automation helps businesses plan resources more efficiently.

What can SAP automation do for me?

SAP automation can do almost anything a user requires to leverage the software’s toolset. Consequently, it results in a simplified user experience that’s much easier than manually doing every SAP related task in a process or workflow. Automating functions also decreases the amount of human error involved in delegated business processes, which is another key benefit.

Automation Benefits

The product is easily scalable to support multiple landscapes


Open source allows extension of features to match client custom needs


Ability to generate dynamic configuration reduces complexity in managing the tool


Built in integration with Google Cloud infrastructure


All automations are built using industry devops standards that use golang , ansible , puppet or jsonet


More stable operating environments

Cost Saving

Reduced basis consulting hours


Supports parallel execution that saves time


A decoupled design ensures flexibility while adapting to client infrastructure

Easy to Adopt

Easy integration with existing infrastructure


Easily integrated with the client’s existing scheduler system


Automation ensures shorter planned downtimes

Key Features

Automated Installation for S4/HANA

Installation of multiple environments in parallel, within hours

Configuration Management for S4/HANA

Manages configuration of HANA, Netweaver, Agents, saprouter etc.

Service state management for S4/HANA

Restart of multiple environments in a single command. Rolling restarts to reduce downtime

Health monitoring

Ability  to provide easy and custom smoke tests to meet the requirements for post build, refresh and maintenance validation

Automated patching for HANA , SAP Kernel and Host Agent

Backup and Restore automation

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