Automation Case Study

Client selected Incusol’ automation software as part of a DevOps initiative designed to ensure that their SAP systems are able to effectively address the challenges.
The client implemented SAP in all their offices across Country and they wanted automation for regression testing of all the changes/implementation of new requirements across the sites / office. Changes were being made across different SAP modules including SD, MM, FI, POS and EWM.
Outlined below are the core pain points with the manual effort on this project:
  • SAP systems are extremely complex and getting more so at alarming rate
  • Multi-component development efforts greatly increase wait and downtime
  • Complexity of system leads to increase in regression costs
  • Risk based testing is practically difficult as testers cannot test everything with available resources
  • Frequent regression testing for new enhancements
  • Frequent master data generation to support the test efforts
The core areas for automation included:
  • Article creation for different sites
  • Creation of purchase orders
  • End to end flow of P2P (procurement to pay)
  • End to end POS scenarios
  • Core FI processes
  • EWM Processes
  • End to end inbound
  • End to end outbound
  • End to end physical inventory
  • Put away and put back process

We leveraged Incu-Devops to automate the end to end process across all the modules of the project. The idea was to automate end to end business processes that can be used for regression testing whenever new enhancements or requirements were implemented in different sites /offices.

Some salient features and uses of the tool with respect to the project are mentioned below:
  • Project required regression testing several times because of new enhancements Incu-Devops helped in minimizing the time and resources required to test changes in SAP application
  • Tool was also used in creating the master data required for testing for the different regression cycles
  • Business process execution quality improved
  • We were able to cover 85% of the business processes through Incu-Devops because of its compatibility with SAP and web applications
Value Proposition
  • Team ramp up on short notice and flexible ramp up and ramp down as needed
  • Within a period of few weeks, the team was ramped to its peak size of approximately fifteen engineers working across locations.
  • Effective communication with business and delivery teams. 
  • In some cases, given the agility overall, there was lack of clarity, overall lack of direction in the path forward. 
  • The teams were self-motivated with a great sense of ownership, including demonstrations that were given to the client’s senior management team to showcase overall work.
  • Despite the complex workflows, the work of the quality team was full proof that there weren’t any post release production issues reported from the users. The robust Incu-Devops automation scripts significantly helped achieve these outcomes.

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